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Super Simple Lavender Sachets

Super Simple Lavender Sachets

With Christmas a few days away I thought I would share a simple and thoughtful gift or stocking stuffer idea with you. This project is sure to give adults and children alike visions of sugar plums dancing in your dreams as you drift off to sleep sewing our Super Simple Lavender Sachets. These Lavender Sachets can be made from vintage fabric or scraps. I used cotton scraps with both sides matching, but you could certainly mis match sides for a fun mix up.


Here is all you need to whip up a few gifts to help make someone’s season a little more merry this winter.

HINT: Make one for yourself and give yourself the gift of sleep this winter.



(2) 4″ Fabric Squares

(1)  4″ Ribbon

Dried Lavender


Sewing Machine



  1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric into 4″ squares.

Lavender Sachets Two Squares Creative Life Recipes

2. Cut a 4″ ribbon.

Lavender Sachets Ribbon Creative Life Recipes

3.Fold the ribbon into a loop and place either in the center or into one corner of your fabric square.

Lavender Sachets Fold Ribbon Creative Life Recipes

4. Lay the other 4″ fabric square on top to sandwich the ribbon in between with right sides of fabric facing each other.

Lavender Sachets Right Sides Facing Creative Life Recipes

5. Pin the ribbon and fabric together and sew with a 1/4″ allowance back stitching as you begin and end. Make sure you only sew halfway on the fourth side an back stitch as this will allow for turning the fabric inside out and filling with the dried lavender.

Lavender Sachets Pin Ribbon and Edges Creative Life Recipes

6. Turn fabric inside out and iron the seams flat.

Lavender Sachets Sew Edges Turn Out Creative Life Recipes

Here is an example of a Lavender Sachet with the ribbon sewn into a corner rather than in the middle.

Lavender Sachets Empty Creative Life Recipes

7. Next we need to fill the Sachet with dried lavender. I used a spoon and filled it over a paper plate so that I could just fold the plate to make a spout and  pour the missed lavender directly into the Sachet once filled. This makes for easy cleanup and less waste.

Lavender Sachets Fill With Lavender Creative Life Recipes

8. Fill the Sachet full but not too full. You will still need to sew it shut. You will also want to tuck the edges under nicely to keep the shape of the square while whip stitching it shut.

Lavender Sachets Tuck Ends In Creative Life Recipes

Lavender Sachets Whip Stitch Shut Creative Life Recipes

9. Whip stitch the opening closed to keep the lavender inside. This is the only time you need to be concerned with the thread matching the fabric color as it will show. I like the handmade look the whip stitch gives to your Lavender Sachet.

Lavender Sachets Corner Ribbon Creative Life Recipes

And there you have a thoughtful and handcrafted stocking stuffer or gift to give to family and friends for Christmas or anytime. Make sure to make a Lavender Sachet for yourself! You will love slipping it into your pillowcase for relaxing and restful sleep.

Happy Holidays!

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