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Reuse Tin Cans and Paper, Gift Wrap for Decorative Containers

Reuse Tin Cans and Paper, Gift Wrap for Decorative ContainersScore 100% Score 100%

I love wrapping gifts. While listening to Christmas and holiday music is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. It gives me a wonderful excuse to play Santa instead of mom for a few minutes.

You know when you are wrapping gifts and you have the left over piece that you want to save, but just is not big enough to wrap even your smallest gift? This year I saved all my extra Christmas gift wrapping pieces and found some clever ways to reuse them. And BONUS I even got some free holiday decor while organizing. Yay!

Don’t get be wrong, I don’t want a huge stock pile of unused tin cans laying around. But every once in awhile I will save a couple to have on hand. I have used them as party decorations, centerpieces, flower planters, gifts (think holiday candies and cookies) and even small storage bins for pencils, scissors, spoons, forks, knives, cotton balls, combs…the list goes on and on…

What You Will Need:


Tin Cans

Gift Wrap, Decorative Paper or Newspaper



Glue or Adhesive

(I use Super 7 spray adhesive as I believe it provides a great hold) I am sure many crafting glues would work. I would not recommend Elmer’s glue for this project. And depending on the type of paper you are using, super glue might not work either as it can bleed through delicate papers.


Christmas Gift Wrap Reuse Tin Cans and Scissors Creative Life Recipes


First you will need to measure your tin can. I generally use a standard size can. Some tin cans have a slight lip on the top and others do not, so even a standard size tin can the size might vary slightly.

Next you will cut your paper. For anĀ average size tin can you can pre-cut your paper to 4″ x 9.5″. This will allow about 1/2″ overlap on the paper for you to either glue or adhere to the can. (You can use whatever size can you want, just make sure you measure the height and perimeter around the can allowing for an additional 1/2″ to overlap and glue your paper down to the can. A dress measuring tape works great for measuring.)

After cutting, wrap the paper around your can to see if you need to adjust the paper at all.

Next, adhere one side of the paper to the can. Place glue or adhesive in a line or strip directly on the can. Line up paper so that it fits straight. Press firmly. Continue to wrap the rest of the paper around until you make it back to your starting point.

Place one strip of glue or adhesive down on bottom of this 1/2″ of paper that overlaps. Press it firmly down to seal paper around can.

Reuse Christmas Gift Wrap Tin Cans Creative Life Recipes

Next, fill it up and enjoy your new festive little container!

If you have some fun paper or stationery you want to use, these make adorable containers. I decorated these cans below for my little girl’s 1st Birthday Party.

Repurposed Tin Cans on Table Creative Life Recipes

They were filled with dirt and flowers were planted in them. These cute centerpieces were placed on the tables and then they were little take home gifts for her guests to plant and enjoy.

Repurposed Tin Can Decorative Paper Planters on Table Creative Life Recipes

You are not limited to just paper, tin cans look adorable with just a simple spray paint, ribbon or wrapped in cloth. Have fun and get creative.




Summary Don't throw away your tin cans, they make great vessels for storage. Add in adorable gift wrap and you can score some great decorations. Utilize holiday themed paper for some festive seasonal decor.

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