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Repurpose Cartons Into Lidded On-The-Go Snack Containers

Repurpose Cartons Into Lidded On-The-Go Snack Containers

These little Repurposed Lidded On-The-Go Snack Containers are perfect for snacking with less mess while traveling, at school or work.  I pack one for car rides, in my purse at the grocery store and even when we make outdoor adventures to the park. With the easy convenience of a lid or pour spout top, these containers are quickly becoming a favorite way to pack snacks or lunches. 

Repurposed Mason Jar Snack Containers Creative Life Recipes

I wish this fabulous idea was my own, but I saw it a few months ago on Pinterest and have been wanting to create these little snack jars ever since! I am a firm believer in recycling jars and I love to repurpose them in all different sizes. I use them in my pantry for storage of everything from dried fruits and nuts to flour and baking essentials. I love being able to store them in see through glass vessels that are air tight. Plus, there is no odd or oversized packaging storage required. I have slowly started to incorporate these lids into some of my storage jars as well if appropriate. For example it works wonderfully with my dried cranberries, raisins, cashews, almonds and pine nuts. If I want to sprinkle them on a dish, or just reach for a snack, I simple open the lid or spout.

I also love to can foods and my Mason jars get a ton of use from leftovers; to storing extra sauces and even pickling my own vegetables. So this idea is just another way to utilize something I already  have and use and a great way to repurpose materials that would get tossed into the recycling bin anyways.


Materials Needed:

  • assorted recycled containers, juice or milk cartons and pour spout containers from spices or salts
  • assorted small mason jars
  • mason jar rings
  • scissors
  • marker or pencil
  • small snacks or candies


Repurpose Cartons and Pour Tops For Mason Jar Lids Creative Life Recipes

You will need to start saving some old milk, juice or even spice and salt containers that have small lidded tops or pour spouts.

I prefer anything that is paper rather than plastic. It also makes tracing and cutting them out easier and they last longer.

Place Ring On Top Trace Pour Spout Creative Life Recipes

This is a salt container pour spout that works incredibly well.

Simply place your Mason Jar Ring on the top of the container and trace around the ring where you would like it positioned.

Trace Ring Creative Life Recipes

Once traced, cut along the interior of the circle as this piece will fit snugly inside the Mason Jar Ring.

Kosher Salt Mason Jar Lid Creative Life Recipes

Continue this tracing and cutting process for all your containers and Mason Jar Rings.

Trace Around Carton Lid Creative Life Recipes

Once complete, assemble your jars. Fill with small snacks or candies and enjoy your little repurposed Mason Jar containers.

Repurposed Mason Jar Container Tops Creative Life Recipes

Repurposed Mason Jar Containers Multiple Snacks Creative Life Recipes


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