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Repurpose Candle Jars Into Storage Jars

Repurpose Candle Jars Into Storage Jars

I love candles. The atmosphere they create with their many wonderful scents that lift your mood and the warmth they give to a home. But when the candle is done and no longer able to be lit, what do you do with that jar? Do you throw it away?

I repurpose my candle jars for storage, for almost anywhere in my house. The clear jars are great for finding items and the locking lids keep everything in place.

So do not throw away that used candle jar!


Follow These Steps to Repurpose Your Used Candle Jar


Step 1: When the candle is finished, simply stick it in your freezer.

Let the candle and jar sit in your freezer overnight. The next day, simply turn the jar over and the remainig candle wax should fall out of the jar. If not, get a butter knife or spoon and try to encourage it to release from the jar.

Repurpose Candle Jar Empty Creative Life Recipes

Step 2: Turn candle upside down on foil or parchment lined sheet pan and place in a preheated 225 degree oven for 7-10 minutes. This

This step does two different things; it removes the excess wax that is on the jar by melting it and at the same time it releases the labels or stickers from the jar.

Repurpose Candle Jar Remove Stickers Creative Life Recipes

Repurpose Candle Jar Remove Labels Oven Creative Life Recipes

If labels do not release or peel off easily, simply turn the heat up to 250 degrees and give it another 5-7 minutes, then try again.

Step 3: Remove All Adhesives and Wipe Down Jar

I use Goo Gone to do this, but have also had great luck with liquid hand soap. Rub either on to the jar with a saturated paper towel and let it and paper towel sit for about 5 minutes. Then simply wipe off all the excess residue. Rinse and dry the jar.

Repurpose Candle Jar Remove Sticky Adhesive Creative Life Recipes

Repurpose Candle Jar Empty Clean Jar Creative Life Recipes

Step 4: Fill Your Jar

I had two candle jars the same size and they were the perfect fit for extra bathroom storage.

Repurpose Candle Jar Storage Jars Creative Life Recipes

They even stack perfectly in my bathroom. An added bonus is that my Q-Tips and cotton balls smell wonderful!

Enjoy your ‘new’ storage jars.

Repurpose Candle Jar Bathroom Storage Creative Life Recipes

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