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Regrow Your Celery

Regrow Your Celery

Have you ever regrown celery?

I had heard of it a few years ago and have been wanting to try it ever since. When I made a few different celery dishes several weeks ago, I decided it was time to try to regrow my own.

Had I known how incredibly easy this would be…I would have done this years ago. Why am I still buying celery? I was also surprised how quickly the celery started to grow.

To regrow your celery follow these simple steps.


  1. Cut off the entire bottom of the celery bunch about 1 1/2-2″ from the bottom.
  2. Suspend the celery plant so that the bottom base of the plant can touch and drink water. (You do not want the celery to be completely submerged in the water.) You could do this several ways, but I like to use jars that fit the size or circumference of the plant base. (I used a recycled glass jar that snugly fit the size of the celery to keep it suspended in the air and allow only the bottom base of the celery plant to touch the water)
  3. Place jar by a window so that the celery can grow in the sunlight.
  4. Change and replace water weekly. (In summer months and when the weather is dry, you may need to refill the water every couple days depending on the water level. You always want it to be touching the base of the celery)

That’s it…watch your celery grow! How easy is that?

I love this idea, because it is the part of the plant that most people toss out.  But please don’t throw it – grow it. In fact, most kinds of vegetable scraps you can use rather than throw away. You can keep trimmings in a plastic bag in the freezer and once the bag is full simply boil with water to make your own vegetable stock. If you garden, put those trimmings to good use and begin your own compost.


Regrow Celery Cut Top Creative Life Recipes

24 Hours Later:

After simply cutting the celery and placing it on top of water you can see the leaves in the center of the celery bunch started to emerge within a day.

Regrow Celery Top 1 Week Creative Life Recipes After 1 Week:

The leaves in the center of the celery are about 1/2″ in height and have really turned a nice green.

Regrow Celery 1 Week Creative Life Recipes

 At 2 Weeks:

The leaves in the center of the celery are about 1″ in height and have started to spread out.

Regrow Celery Creative Life Recipes

Regrow Celery Top View 2 Weeks Creative Life Recipes

Regrow Celery Two Jars Creative Life Recipes

 A Little Over 2 Weeks: (I started a second one)

The leaves in the center of the original celery I started are about 2″ in height and have really taken off. I had one other celery in my refrigerator and could not wait to try this experiment again. The second one was cut a bit higher from the base of the plant, about 3″ from the bottom. I wanted to see if the length of the cut made a difference in the growth)

Regrow-Your Celery 1 Month Creative Life Recipes

 A Little Over 5 Weeks: (I started two more cuts of celery)

The leaves in the center of the original celery I started are about 5-6″ in height and seem to be happily growing.  I have used recycled plastic containers from grocery produce to regrow these celery cuts and it has worked very well. Keep changing your water weekly.


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