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Owl Themed Birthday Party

Owl Themed Birthday Party

I can hardly believe as I sit down to write this post, that my little girl is already two years old. Any parent who ever tells you to enjoy every moment because it passes quickly is telling you the truth. It’s happening before my very eyes and I have had the pleasure of spending every single day with her.

I had to build up both mentally and physically to prepare for my daughter turning two. Between potty training and working part time, I decided to have some fun…I mean we really need to celebrate her turning two! She loves all things Owl and I decided to throw her an Owl Themed Birthday Party for her family and closest friends to enjoy with her.

I designed her invitations to be fun and playful, with use of color and of course her favorite animal, the Owl. If you would like to use the invitations for your own Owl themed birthday celebration go to the Owl Birthday Themed Party Pack. Here is just a preview of some of the items I designed and you can get in this adorable party pack, which includes different color options as well as a personalized invitation for your little Birthday Boy or Girl.

Owl Look Whoos Birthday Invitation Creative Life Recipes Whoo’s Turning 2? Customizable Birthday Invitation

Owl Whoos Thirsty Water Bottle Label Creative Life Recipes


Whoo’s Thirsty? Multiple Sized Water Bottle Labels

Owl Whoos There Sign Creative Life Recipes

Whoo’s There? Birthday Welcome Door Sign

I have been trying to repurpose things for her to use not only for her party, but to enjoy as toys or for use later on. I repurposed two old socks into little owls for her to play with. They make great buddies that slip into her diaper bag for trips or to snuggle when in the car. Plus they are pretty cute and I know they will play some sort of part in her birthday party decor. Check back as I will be posting the pattern on how to make them here soon.

Old Sock Owl Pair Owls Finished Creative Life Recipes

I love planning parties, but really want to enjoy this one. Since we are having a smaller party at our house I have the luxury of planning and getting things started ahead of time. Her first birthday we traveled for and threw a big party, which was fun, but exhausting with a bunch of last minute preparations. So, I am happy to stay put and plan a few small, fun party items and keep the rest of the decor and menu simple and FUN. Because, why have a party if you and your family are not having fun and enjoying yourselves?

First impressions are everything and a great way to welcome everyone to the party and set the mood for celebration is with balloons. (This party pack of balloons coordinates with the colors of the Whoo’s There Owl Themed Birthday Party Pack). Balloons are also a great clue for those who might not be sure of the location! An added touch to your front door would be the Whoo’s There? Welcome Sign and a festive homemade wreath.

The Birthday Girl with Her Balloons

Whoo’s There? Welcome Sign and a Festive Fabric Wreath

I made this wreath from scrap fabric, gluing it down around a styrofoam ring. (She now has this pretty wreath hanging on her bedroom door) Love when I can reuse decor I made instead of throwing it away.

You eat with your eyes first, so I wanted this to not only look delicious and festive, but I also wanted it to be casual and fun!

For the casual and playful part, I laid out fun vintage cheerful sheets in place of table cloths over the tables.

I made a festive Happy Birthday Garland from paper and colorful pom poms. (Check back to see my tutorial here soon)

The plastic ware and paper straws were kept neat and tidy in pretty fabric and paper wrapped repurposed tin cans. They were then labeled with an ‘S’ and ‘F’ magnet letters so you knew what was inside each one. You can see how I made the tin cans here.

I also designed custom food labels into mini table tents so that our guests knew what was in each food/beverage item. It included food allergy and dietary restrictions like gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Staying with our Owl Theme, there are the adorable Whoo’s Hungry? and Whoo’s Thirsty? Signs for both the food and beverage tables.

And let’s not forget, all of the owls on the table that were crafted out of delicious food.

         How adorable are these Owl Deviled Eggs? They were yummy too and did not last long!

Owl deviled eggs are made from egg, spinach leaves, carrot and black olives.

How fun and colorful is this Owl Vegetable Tray?

Owl Vegetable Tray is made from carrots, yellow and orange bell peppers, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

I whipped up hummus for the eyes instead of using a cream or a dairy vegetable dip. Snacking is fun at a birthday party and great for little hands.

We also made assorted Owl Multigrain Crackers. A savory cracker made with cream cheese, spinach, carrot and black olives. And a sweet cracker topped with peanut butter, mandarin slices, raisins and bananas. These were a favorite among the kids.

And Whoo (couldn’t help myself) can forget about dessert?

Homemade White Cake with Buttercream Frosting and Homemade White Cake Cupcakes.

I decorated them with festive color frosting and topped the cake with a homemade mini paper garland and a little plastic owl toy.

In lieu of ice cream, I made up some delicious Fruit Popsicles to cool off with.

Can hardly believe my little girl is two, but she and (everyone) enjoyed this party. It’s so much fun to celebrate the little moments in life, but the bigger moments and events are made into memories. Have fun celebrating in your own special way, be creative and always have fun!

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