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Old Sock Owls

Old Sock Owls

Have a few worn out socks in your drawer? Who doesn’t? Rather than tossing those old socks into the trash, repurpose them into fun little stuffed owls. Your child will love these! They are great companions to pack into the car for trips, toss them into your bag or diaper bags for errands and doctor appointments.

My little girl loves owls, so I decided to make her a few extra stuffed Owls to play with. She absolutely adores these little Owls maybe even more than I do!

To Make Your Own Sock Owls You Will Need:

1 Worn out Sock




2 Buttons (for Eyes)

1 Fabric Triangle Nose

1 Fabric U-Shaped Belly


Sewing Machine (These Can be entirely Hand Sewn)


To Make Your Old Sock Owl:

  1. Cut top of old sock off. (Just above the Heel) Then cut a rounded u shape into the top of the sock on the same edge you just cut off the heel. This u-shape will become the owls ears. So make it as short or pointy as you desire. I cut about 3/4″ down from the edge.

Old Sock Owl Cut Out Pieces Creative Life Recipes

Old Sock Owl Lay Out Owl Face Creative Life Recipes

2. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric from different patterns/colors:

1 Triangle Cotton Fabric Nose – Make the nose (beak) as short or long as you want. I went with a size that looked good with my button sizes as well as the height of my sock. My owl’s nose (or beak) was 1- 1/4″ tall.

1 Long U-Shaped Cotton Fabric Belly – You will want this U-Shaped Fabric to be long enough to wrap around the interior of the seam for sewing. Therefore cut this U-shaped piece the height of your owl. Once you decide where you want the height of your owl’s belly to be, allow for 1″ of fabric to wrap around and be sewn into the interior of the owl and trim off any excess you might not need.

NOTE: This project can be entirely hand stitched with needle and thread if you do not have a sewing machine. The navy blue owl on the left was made entirely by hand stitching. The only step you omit is cutting the side of the sock open (which allows for you to run the fabric and sock through your sewing machine in step #3).

Old Sock Owl Layout Face Creative Life Recipes


Old Sock Owl Components Creative Life Recipes

3. Cut along one side of sock to open it up. This will allow room to pin your fabric and and run it through the sewing machine.

Old Sock Owl Sew On Fabric Belly Creative Life Recipes

4. Pin the Belly Fabric to the exterior as well as the 1″ wrapped around fabric to the other side and sew in a zig zag stitch around the edges to secure and prevent fraying.

Old Sock Owl Sew on Triangle Nose Creative Life Recipes

5. Pin and sew around the nose fabric in a zig zag stitch to secure and prevent fraying. I did three passes, but two should suffice.

Old Sock Owl Sewn Fabric Shapes Creative Life Recipes

Here is a look at the interior of the sock with the stitches and the overlapped belly fabric:

Old Sock Owl Sew Fabric Onto Sock Creative Life Recipes

I recommend stay stitching the end to prevent fraying if you do not have sewing shears to cut off the excess fabric.

6. Fold the sock in half to match the front and back up. Make sure the sock is right sides together and you are looking at the interior of the sock. Sew the top and side edge together using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Remember to double stitch on both ends.¬†DO NOT SEW THE BOTTOM of the sock together. You will do this later, as you need it open to sew on the button eyes and stuff with desired batting.

Turn the sock right side out and you have your Owl’s Body Taking Shape:

Old Sock Owl Sew Top Creative Life Recipes

7. Place the Button Eyes on top of your Owl’s nose and sew them in place by hand. (My buttons were 1″ in diameter, but use whatever size you prefer for your owl) To sew the button in place by hand; do them one at a time. Holding each button in place with your one hand and running your dominant hand and threaded needle through the interior of the sock. You will need to sort of feel around with your needle for the button holes.

Old Sock Owl Place Buttons Creative Life Recipes

8. With the Button Eyes Sewn on we now need to stuff the Owl. I used a regular roll of batting, just cut it into strips and small pieces until I felt my Owl was stuffed enough. You will want to make sure and stuff small pieces up into the ears to help them keep their shape.

Old Sock Owl Stuff Creative Life Recipes

9. You will want to tuck in the bottom of the sock folding the edges under neatly like you are wrapping a gift. You can pin or hold the sock in place while you whip stitch it together to hold.

Old Sock Owl Fold Bottom Under and Whipstitch Creative Life Recipes

Continue hand whip stitching all the way around the bottom of the Owl until securely closed.

Old Sock Owl Whipstitch Bottom Folded Creative Life Recipes

I used the same turquoise blue thread to sew and stitch everything onto my Sock Owl. You can change up your fabrics and threads however you would like. Get Creative.

Old Sock Owl Stitch Bottom Creative Life Recipes

Here are the two Old Sock Owls I made for my daughter, these were so much fun to make. I may need to make a third little owl to join her play group!


Old Sock Owls Basket Creative Life Recipes


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