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Make Your Own Crayons

Make Your Own Crayons

I have been wanting to make crayons for my little one ever since she started coloring. She loves to draw, but she is only one and regular crayons are a bit small for her grasp. I lucked out and found this cute tin full of old crayons at a garage sale and was hoping to turn these into our own new set of homemade toddler friendly crayons. Little did I know how much fun these crayons would be…for the whole family! While we are stuck inside trying to rid our winter blues as the snow melts. These made for a really fun Friday night activity.


Step 1: Remove paper from crayons and break larger crayons into pieces.


Step 2: Place assorted or matching color crayon pieces into a mini muffin tin.


Step 3: Bake at 300°F for 10 minutes. Allow the pan and crayons to cool completely.


Step 4: Gently remove crayon pieces from the mini muffin tin by turning upside down onto a towel. Give the pan a few taps to release your new crayons. If you cannot get them all to come out freely, place the rest of the pan in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and repeat turning it upside down onto a towel, tapping with your fingers until all crayons are released.


Step 5: Admire them, and start coloring!


Come up with as many color combinations as you want. Have fun, get creative.


My little girl could not hold back, she did not let me finish taking pictures before she started to play and color with them.

I don’t blame her, these are such fun homemade crayons!

I even saved the paper I peeled off the crayons because I loved the colors. Since Easter is fast approaching, I decided this paper confetti would be great for Easter baskets and gifts. I save egg cartons because my parents have chickens and we love to get eggs from them. But these egg cartons will be used for Easter gifts.


I made some extra crayons for Easter gifts to give my nephews and nieces. By cutting the cartons in half, each child will receive six new large crayons to play with. The half carton doubles as a little Easter basket sized gift.



Looking forward to giving these gifts on Easter!


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Upstate New York Mother who loves to cook for her family, come up with creative projects and solutions to everyday problems and make fun memories with her daughters. Even in this crazy hectic world, she believes in celebrating the small things and taking the time to make the everyday extra special.

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