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Make Your Own Happy Birthday Garland

I enjoy making party and birthday decorations by hand. I usually end up saving them to reuse. They do take some time to make, but I always end up loving them and utilizing them more if they are made by hand. This year for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday Party I made her a Happy Birthday Garland with 12 x 12″ multiple colorful print card stock papers I purchased from a local craft store that were on sale. So my upfront cost was very minimum. I was very happy with the results and plan to use the Happy Birthday Garland again.


Here is how I made the Happy Birthday Garland:


Step 1: Cut out triangles from the 12×12″ paper. I trimmed off any borders on the 12×12″ cardstocks.

Then I measured and cut 6″ off one side.

Using a straight edge ruler cut an equal X on the remaining 6″ strip, this will give you two triangles and wider triangle scraps.

Do not discard any scraps.


See pattern below for cutting instructions: You can download the free template I made so you can make your own Happy Birthday Garland here.


Here are what your pieces will look like once cut:

Step 2: Using the extra wide scrap triangles, either trace the pattern and cut a circle or using a circle cutter (very handy, get yours here).

Cut a 2 1/4″ circle out of each scrap triangle center as shown on the template above.

Pull out circle and reserve for the Happy Birthday Garland letter backing.

Repeat until you have enough circles to spell out: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (14 triangles and 14 letters) if you are using the apostrophe, or (13 triangles and 13 letters) if you are only using HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Step 3: Cut out your Happy Birthday Banner Letters.

I have made a template that you can download for Free.

To download the Happy Birthday Banner Letters in bright pastels go here to download the Happy Birthday Banner Letters in primary colors go here.

You will notice a few extra letter options in case you prefer a switch of colors.

Cut out each of the Letter circles carefully with scissors by following just outside of the colored circles or using a circle cutter (I used ek tools) by centering the letters and cutting just outside the colored circle.

Step 4: Lay out all your triangles, how you would like them to look as your garland will read: HAPPY BIRTHDAY or HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I allowed for 5 triangles on the top garland to spell out HAPPY and 9 triangles on the bottom to spell out BIRTHDAY!.


Step 5: Gather all your background 2 1/4″ circles and arrange them on top of your triangles. I placed mine in the middle of each triangle.


Step 6: Arrange all of your letter circles on top of your 2 1/4″ background circles spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY or HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Step 7: After you are happy with the arrangement, start gluing everything together. I used a craft glue called Aleene’s and it worked perfectly.

Step 8: Using a hole punch, punch one hole in the top corners of every triangle.

Keep them even on both sides and try to allow about 1/4″ or more from the top so that the holes hold and do not rip.


Step 9: Insert string or bakers twine through the holes, make sure you enter and exit each triangle the same so that they are even and hang flat.

I recommend tying a large knot on either end of the garland to hold everything centered.



Whoo's There Owl Theme Party Birthday Banner Creative Life Recipes


Step 10: You can get creative with your Happy Birthday Garland.

Add pompoms, ribbons, buttons, lace or fabric to make it more festive and go with your party theme.

I glued bright colored pompoms in between each triangle letter onto the string and held it with a clothes pin until dry.


Happy Creating and Enjoy that Birthday Party!


Hold onto your Happy Birthday Garland, simply slip it into a plastic airtight bag until your next Birthday celebration.


If you made your own Happy Birthday Garland, I would love to see it.

Please share a photo in the comments below or on Instagram #CreativeLifeRecipesBirthdayGarland.

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