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How To Turn a Box Inside Out and Repurpose For A Gift Box

How To Turn a Box Inside Out and Repurpose For A Gift Box

Have you ever opened up a nice new piece of clothing or a box of tea that had such a beautiful package design that you wanted to keep it? Well, you can…some stores invest in their packaging and these beautiful designs should be celebrated. As a former graphic designer, I know this area like the back of my hand. There are plenty of ways to reuse those pretty boxes. Is the design on the interior of the box? Let’s turn it inside out and repurpose it together.

I love a nice cup of tea in the winter months or when it rains and there is a chill in the air. Tea boxes are beautifully designed. After a very rainy spring, and an entire box of chia tea. I decided to repurpose this pretty design into a gift box.

Directions To Turn Box Inside Out:

Turn Box Inside Out Empty Box Creative Life Recipes

1. Open the lid to the box you want to repurpose and place entire box on a baking sheet in a 225°F preheated oven for 3-5 minutes. (If box does not fall apart easily a stronger glue was used and you can try turning your oven up to 250°F for 3-5minutes to soften the glue)

Turn Box Inside Out Fall Apart Creative Life Recipes

2. The glue should melt from the heat just enough so that the box starts to pull apart. While glue is still soft, completely pull box apart.

Turn Box Inside Out Layout Creative Life Recipes

3. Open the box and lay it out flat on your table.  Begin to score every fold in the opposite direction it was previously folded.

Turn Box Inside Out Glue Set Creative Life Recipes

4. Refold the box, turning it inside out. Use paper clips or rubber bands to hold it together.

Turn Box Inside Out Move One Clip And Glue Creative Life Recipes

5. Move each paper clip or rubber band out of the way, working one side at a time to prepare for glueing.

Turn Box Inside Out Glue Over Old Glue Creative Life Recipes

6. Using the previous glue marks as reference, place a new dot of hot glue on top of old mark and press the tabs over the exterior of the box.

Turn Box Inside Out Secure Bottom With Paper Clip Creative Life Recipes

7.  Hold the tabs in place until glue cools and hardens with rubber bands or paper clips.

Turn Box Inside Out Fold Tabs Backwards Creative Life Recipes

8. Fold the lid and interior tabs over to make your new gift box.

Turn Box Inside Out Finished Creative Life Recipes

9. Fill box with tissue paper or shredded paper and place the gift inside.Turn Box Inside Out Gifts Creative Life Recipes

10.Tie box with a simple bow or string and you have a pretty little gift box to use for gifting.

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