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Ways to Reuse Those Plastic Containers

Ways to Reuse Those Plastic ContainersScore 80% Score 80%

Don’t throw away all those plastic containers, you can reuse them! Of course we don’t want to hoard everything but keep a couple extra plastic containers on hand. You will be glad you did and be surprised how often you can use them. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Use them as make-shift tupperware. Larger sized containers are great for keeping soup and stock in the refrigerator. Smaller sizes are great for leftovers, freezing and packing lunches. If they don’t make it back home, no problem. At least you put them to another use.
  2. I love to reuse large plastic lids as a sink stoppers. You have to find the ones that fit over your drain pefectly, just press them down and voilá, the suction keeps your water from draining while doing dishes.
  3. Do you garden? I use a few to keep my twine ball from tangling. Simply cut an X into the top of the lid, insert the ball of twine and pull it through the top. (could even be used for curling ribbon when wrapping gifts)



Summary No need to just throw away those plastic store bought containers. Reuse them.

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